About the Alderney Marine Forum

The Alderney Marine Forum (AMF) is a group of Alderney community members and sector representatives with a direct interest, responsibility or role in the sustainable use and conservation of the sea around Alderney.

The AMF aims to represent the multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional needs of the people of Alderney. The main purpose of the Forum is to provide a neutral communication platform for the discussion of all matters related to Alderney’s marine environment. The AMF will share information about its work with community members and will aim to improve coordination between interested individuals, groups or organisations on a variety of marine-related matters.

At present, the AMF is leading the development and implementation of a Marine Management Plan to support the long-term sustainability of Alderney’s marine resources. The development process is participatory and involves an extensive community engagement strategy to ensure the needs of the community are addressed.

For more information, please see the Alderney Marine Forum Terms of Reference.

Image credit: Sun behind the Lighthouse, Alderney by Neil Howard (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Members of the Forum