Neil howard 06.06.17 waves hitting the breakwater on alderney
27 July 2017

Changing Tides: Marine priorities for the sea around Alderney

On Tuesday 11 July, a film highlighting a number of stakeholder management priorities for the sea around Alderney was publicly screened. These priorities will be used to inform the development of a management plan for Alderney's waters and associated management actions. Priorities relating to the following areas were identified: 

  • Sustainable use 
  • Environmental Conservation and Protection
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Designations (existing and future)
  • Local industry 
  • Tourism
  • Effective management
  • Infrastructure and facilities
  • Transport 
  • Community engagement 
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Waste management 
  • Long-term change 

Thanks to everyone who came to the screening and participated in discussions. For any queries about the film, please contact a member of the Alderney Marine Forum.

Watch the film here.

Image credit: Waves hitting the breakwater on Alderney, by Neil Howard (CC BY-NC 2.0)